Wednesday, June 4, 2008

C'est moi! C'est Moi! 'Tis I!

A brief rundown of who I am and why I'm blogging:
In short, I'm a sometime graduate student who just finished up a language grant to study Korean here in Seoul. Not being quite sure what I wanted to do when I finished, I decided to accept an offer to work part-time as a researcher at the International Center for Korean Studies at a major university. What do I research? Well, at work, despite the title, not much. I'm trained as an anthropologist, and am interested in everything from folklore to fashion. In my copious spare time I go to punk rock shows, write for an online fashion magazine, pretend to study Korean (expect some blog posts wholly or partially in 한국어), throw parties that aren't very well attended, podcast, take photos (badly), drink tea, go to lectures, and make a public nuisance of myself. I'm blogging because there are stretches of time where I can't be out and about causing mayhem in the streets, so I do it digitally. Also, I like to talk to myself, and a blog seems perfect for that.

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