Wednesday, July 2, 2008

So THAT'S why I can never find the temples!

Did 2MB deliberately sink the Buddhists? Is there a Christian transportation plot? Or are temples just being bitchy?
Read all about it!
the gist of it is that when the metro site was last revamped and updated, they loaded all the information on how to find different churches, and they show up on the metro maps. Buddhist temples, on the other hand, were left off (nobody mentions whether the scant few mosques or synagogues are on the map.)
I doubt it's 2MB (although he does have a long and controversial history of pretty open and blatant support of Christian causes - witness the once-controversial Christmas light displays at city hall and chongyecheon) because frankly, the man seems to have his hands full. I am naturally suspicious of conspiracy theories, and I don't think there was a concerted effort to exclude Buddhists . . . and yet I won't discount the idea that an over-zealous Christian (a flourishing species) conveniently "forgot" to put the information back up.
There's actually a fairly long and somewhat disturbing history of violence and discrimination against Buddhists by Korean Christians, including arson and destruction of temple properties. Not to neglect the fine history of Buddist vs. Buddhist violence (let's not forget that fun postwar game of having different sects recruit gangsters to go beat up the monks of whatever other sect was occupying the temple they likes - one of the reasons for the current prominence of celibate orders. They laid the smack down on married monks and took their temples.) This seems kind of silly, and it looks easily corrected, but it is part of a traceable history of discrimination. I'll have to spend some time exploring the site and checking to see if the problem gets fixed.
Or you can check it out here (Korean only.)

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