Monday, September 29, 2008

change in tactics

To those it may concern: I've switched so that anonymous users can't leave comments. It's no biggie, but I've recently gotten a few comments left by people who weren't trolls or anything really nasty, but were a bit belligerent in tone. I'll actually put 'em up, if anon will do it under some kind of name. I'm happy to respond also via this blog or by email, but as it now stands they kind of gripe me. I don't feel like I can "converse" with somebody leaving posts anonymously, so I've decided the anonymous comments are out.


Roboseyo said...

Your blOG is. . . uHh... BaD. And, uh. . . you sHOuld... uh... lerN mor abOuT kOreA.

(something racist goes here. fill in later)
(something ignorant goes here. fill in later)
(something belligerent goes here. fill in later)

sO wHY doN'T yOu Go sUcK a wAlrUS wAng?

THAT'S not anonymous!

Gomushin Girl said...

Why so it isn't! and so it is up!^^V