Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Starting the New Year Wrong

Every solar and lunar new year, I go through the checklist of taboo and required actions. In particular for the new year:
Have things clean and tidy
Pay all your debts
Eat ddeokguk (to get a year older ... because that's what I'm really longing to do)
Greet people properly
Wear new clothes
etc., etc.
and every year my luck sucks for the first few months. Well, NO MORE! This year I left my apartment a disaster area before heading south to spend time with the family. I left without paying my rent, and I haven't paid my bro back for the train tickets he bought me. I took a stab at wearing new clothes, but the new baby spit up on them before I'd been in them more than an hour, so I changed back into my well worn (and slightly dirty) clothes. I worked on a few projects and bits of research. The only thing I did properly this whole time was eat ddeokguk, because I would have starved if I hadn't. Let's see if abandoning all pretense of making a good start to the new year does something to turn it around!
Ohhh, Gomushin Girl is such a rebel!

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Foreigner Joy said...

HAha that was good to read. I was beginning think of all the taboos I was breaking. I did tidy up my house, but haven't paid my utility bill yet.