Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Dang, that's some happy stuff! My new goal in life is to learn this song, then sing it to annoy my enemies. Plus, the cuteness would render me immune to anything they might plot against me. If you can't hit a girl, you can't possibly hit a girl giggling and singing "포뇨, 포뇨, 포뇨 아기 물고기!"


White Rice said...

The great band Icicle Works have an album called "If You Want to Defeat Your Enemy, Sing His Song." So if you sing this song to your enemy, you either annoy him if this isn't his song, or defeat him if it is his song, Either way you win.
Plus you are happy too.
So...good plan!

Joe in Korea said...

The bit at 13 seconds is kind of dirty.

But that is just how my mind works.

Jo-Anna said...

Cuuutee... I hadn't heard the Korean version of this song....

Any word when it's going to be released in the US?? I'm dying to see it!